Payment Options

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Bank of America Routing # 021000322 Account # 483078986375

TDBank Routing # 026013673 Account # 352458412 

Wells Fargo         Routing # 026012881 Account # 2180028074

Deposit to:           Web Picture Identification Inc.


TD Canada Trust  Transit code 8246-9 Account # 5014094

Bank of Montreal Transit code 8246-9 Account # 5014094

EMT TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deposit to:             Web Picture Identification Inc.Bank of America

How to make a payment 

Go into any bank branch of one of the WebPicID banks.

Go to the counter and give the cash to the teller.

Show the teller the picture with the account number

The teller will complete the deposit slip.

Take the receipt for the payment from the teller.

Report the payment 

Log on to WebPicID in the bank 

Select Report a Payment