Notification 24/7


WebPicID sends a Notification 24/7 when an individual's identity is used at a WebPicID Merchant.


The email or text looks like this:

"Your identity has been used at a WebPicID Merchant."
"Please Log On to WebPicID, verify your identity, and "authorize" or decline the sale.

The Merchant will not ship the goods or services until you respond.

There are only four possible responses to a Notification.


The individual verified their identity at WebPicID and Authorized the purchase.


The individual verified their identity at WebPicID and Declined the purchase.


The individual verified their identity and declared a Fraud.
The sale is canceled.
A Fraud Report is sent by WebPicID to the Member and the Merchant.


Ignored is the most troubling status.
Individuals who make an online purchase are normally waiting to receive the sale confirmation.
In most cases, individuals will comply with a Merchant's suggestion of preventing ID Theft Fraud.

The good news is that the Merchant has the payment and the goods or services.




In all cases, there is no fraud loss to either party.