Merchant Services

Identity Theft Fraud Loss Reduction

WebPicID can Reduce ID Theft Fraud Losses and associated operating costs by at least 50%.

WebPicID detects the ID Theft after the sale is paid for; before shipping.

Fraud Victim Contact Costs FVCC       

6 million fraud victims suffer a $1000.00 fraud each year.
Fraud victims spend an average of 300 hours trying to resolve the fraud.

WPID Micro Payment   $0.01 to $100.00

Potential new vendor and buyer markets.

Process payments on virtual items starting at one cent.

No charge-backs (Condition of use by the Buyer)
All items are rated by the buyer for the vendor. (Condition of subsequent use)

Secure Message 

This is a message service that no one can read except the Sender and Recipient.
The Sender and Recipient are identified.

Safe Purchase

WebPicID will make the payment for the Buyer.

No charge-backs, limited returns, and new markets.

New Markets

The 50 million individuals who will not buy online with a credit card.
The 50  Million dependants can use Safe Purchase with parental approval.

Merchant Fee Structure

Merchant Membership fees start at $100.00 per year.