How does it Work? 

Act of Agency

The Agent must:

Be at least 18 years old, provide their first name, last name,  and email address.

Agree to the WebPicID Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Look at the three pieces of identification documents provided by the new Member.

Look at the information entered on the Identification Document screens by the new Member.

Press the "I Affirm" button to affirm that information on the screen matches the ID documents.

The pressing of the "I Affirm" button concludes the Act of Agency.

An email is sent to the Agent to verify their email address.

The Agent's WebPicID account is credited the Agent fee when the Membership fee is paid.

Family Protection

A family is defined as at least one adult and one other individual living at the same address. 

Members can add everyone in the family regardless of their age as a Member.

Dependent Members can use WebPicID services with Parent consent.

Identity Theft Fraud Loss Reduction

WebPicID sends individuals a Notification 24/7 every time their id is used at a Merchant.
Buyers are advised that the Merchant protects them from Identity Theft Fraud Losses.

The individual is asked to log on to WebPicID, verify their identity, and OK the sale,

There are only four responses to a Notification:

Authorized, Declined, Fraud, Ignored.

In all cases, there is no fraud loss amount to either party.

Member Sign Up process 

Individuals who are at least 18 years old can sign up to become a Member and use the WebPicID services.

Individuals under 18 years old can only become members via the Family Protection Service.

Individuals sign up to become a Member and pay $25.00 annually to use the services.

Individuals agree to the WebPicID Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Members provide 3 pieces of identification, a picture, and a witness over 18 years of age to Affirm their identity. 

Merchant Sign Up  Cost starts at $100.00 a year

Any authorized employee can sign up their organization by:  completing the Sign Up form.

 The employee agrees to:

Complete the Merchant Sign Up form

Sign Up with WebPicID as Merchant Employee Member, MEM.

Act as the Administrator and contact person for WebPicID.

Provide KYC regulation documents to identify the organization.

Receive all WebPicID invoices and arrange for payment.

These are the Documents and Information required for most organizations.

The owners or the Board of Directors must ratify the Administrator's position and ability to act for the organization.

Employees using WebPicID services must become Merchant Employee Members, MEM's. 


"Notification" is sent 24/7 to an individual when they make a purchase at Merchant.

The recipient of a Notification has four choices: Authorize, Decline, Fraud, or Ignore.

In all cases there is no fraud loss to either party. 


Every Member is given a Pay_code when they Sign Up.

The Pay_code appears on deposit slips provided by WebPicID for Members to print or take a picture.

WebPicID uses the Pay_code to identify Member payments. 

Payment Options  

The deposit can be made in cash any of the bank branches that WebPicID deals with.


Bank of America 


Wells Fargo


Bank of Montreal 

TD Canada Trust 

EMT from any Canadian bank

How to make a payment at a bank

Go into the bank and give the teller the cash.

Show the teller the bank deposit info saved to your phone.

Get a receipt.

Log on to

Report the payment to WebPicID.


Sign Up as a Member but do not pay until you need the services.

Why Pre-Register?

To enhance your protection from identity theft fraud loss.

A possible id theft fraud may be caught earlier than later.

The loss may be averted because WebPicID knows who you are.

Refer an organization to WebPicID

Members who have a connection to an online organization can refer the organization to WebPicID.

The referring Member receives 10% of the net Identity Theft Fraud Loss Reduction revenue for that Merchant.

Safe Purchase


This is a non-bank card payment option.

Find what you want to buy online.

Fill a shopping cart. Ask WebPicID to make the payment.

Log on to WebPicID 

Report the Safe Purchase.

Secure Message

This is an online message that no one but the Recipient can read.
The message contents and any attachment never leave the secure envelope of the WebPicID Server.

The Recipient must Log on to WebPicID to read the message.

Share an organization

Share the WebPicID service any number of organizations daily.

When the organization becomes a WebPicID Member they are asked to name the individual told them about WebPicID.

The named Member receives 10% of the net Identity Theft Fraud Loss Reduction revenue for that Merchant.