About Us

Web Picture Identification Inc. o/a WebPicID was incorporated in Alberta, Canada in February 2008.
In July of 2007 the founder, Raymond Grace, met a woman who had been shopping at Macy's. 
Her friends noticed that she was bleeding from a deep cut in her arm.
They went to the hospital and stitched her up.
When it came time to pay she could not find her purse.
It had been cut from her arm in the store.
Her credit cards were maxed out.
We do not pretend to be able to stop identity theft.
We can reduce some of the losses.

Mission Statement

Identify possible frauds before a loss to reduce fraud losses by at least 50%.
Make the internet an easier and safer place for individuals and their dependents' to use safely.
Send Secure Messages that only the recipient and sender can read.
Provide family members under 18 years old with tools to communicate and buy items over the internet securely. 
Individuals regardless of age can ask WebPicID to buy goods and services online without providing a bank card. 
24/7 Notification when an Individual's identity is used at a WebPicID Merchant.
VCID  Verified caller Identify.
Verify the identity of anyone calling you on behalf of a 3rd party.